The Black Market is a place to buy top end items. It can be accessed by clicking Breeding Farm and then Black Market at the top of the page. All Black Market Items (BMIs) will cost diamonds or passes.

Black Market ItemsEdit

  • Horns of Plenty (HoP)
  • Nyx Pack
  • Philosophers Stone
  • Chronos Timer
  • Hera Pack
  • Fertility Wand
  • Golden Apple
  • Morpheus's Arms
  • Medusa's Blood
  • Artemis Arrow
  • Apollo's Lyre
  • Black Pearl
  • Helios Ray
  • Water of Youth
  • Zeus' Lightning Bolt
  • Piece of Cloud
  • Poseidon Pack

Note: This list is not a complete listing

Retired Black Market ItemsEdit

Note: Again this is not a complete listing